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LED - chains, letters, signs, displays and yacht - lighting

Our company is dedicated to offering high-quality made-in-Germany products in the field of LED technology. Thanks to our qualified staff, our young company can look back on almost 30 years of experience in the field of microelectronics and electronics engineering. We look forward to your inquiry and guarantee absolute professionalism.

LED-Ketten, Leuchtbuchstaben, Leuchtschilder und Yachtbeleuchtungen

Applying LED Chains (chain of light emitting diodes) yield an unbelievable flexibility for you or for your marketing experts to illumine and emphasize any kind of titles/lettering or shapes. Utilizing full flexibility of LED chain you can build a lighting system ,which illuminates any objects from any direction so three dimensional lighting designs can be achieved easier than using any classic lighting technologies, which are more difficult to use this way (3D facilities).

LED chain, which is sold by NB-Projektmanagement GmbH provides not only flexibility but also provides an environment friend solution because it uses significantly less energy than other classic lightings, despite of this fact it yields the same brilliancy. LED chain application is not only flexible in 3D but it has another advantage too. This solution can be applied to illuminate small objects because of the regroupable LEDs and this solution works at low voltages, you can choose either 5 Volts or 12 Volts power supply to operate your lighting system. Please review our demonstration photoes in this homepage, which illustrates technical efficiency of LED chains. You can get more detailed technical information clicking on the bold faced yellow LED chain product name.

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